McDonald’s: The Real Milkshake

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Jumbo... Peanuts.

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WMF Knives - ad


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Wonderbra magazine ad via 10 Great Magazine Ads Don’t Just Sit There Looking Pretty

Durex Print Ad "Make your own equation".

Advertising Agency: DDB Helsinki, Finland Creative Director / Art Director: Lauri Vassinen Copywriter: Tapu Haro Photographer: Anton Sucksdorff Ad

33 Creative Ads Using Oversized Objects | A favourite of mine is the McDs big breakfast! #outdoor #advertising

The proposition of the ad is that Samsung speakers provide quality sound with a punch. The target market would be for people ages 16-30 people who are heavy users and like listening to music. Three techniques would be that they used a pun by having the boxing gloves on the note, secondly they no copy so there is minimal writing and thirdly they are using personification by illustratine “music with a punch”. This is effective because it uses a unique, cool visual with a connecting headline.

great print ad.

Very good print Ad for Nutella. "The model, the expression, the tension. 10 out 10" Good storytelling in 1 ad!