Rome- My brother and I started our Italy journey here.  The hostel was booked for 2 nights but we weren't coming back for a week.  We went where the wind took us with a little faith in tossing a coin into the Trevi fountain.

Rome's Top 10 Attractions

Vatican City | Rome, Italy | | The trip you want. The help they need.

Vatican City | Rome, Italy | | The trip you want. The help they need.

Colonnato Basilica San Pietro di Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Basilica di San Pietro, Vatican, Italy ~ Statues of popes and saints on the colonnade of St. Peter's Square, and Michelangelo's dome on St.

The #Vatican, #Italy. Check out what we did in #Rome:

The Vatican, Vatican City, Rome, Italy. I didn't care for the Vatican museums, but St-Peter's basilica was amazing.

Un weekend inoubliable au vatican

Un weekend inoubliable au vatican

Sistine Chapel, Vatican City, Rome, Italy by virt_, via Flickr

Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums, Rome, Italy

A Praça Navona (em italiano: Piazza Navona) é uma das mais célebres praças de Roma localizada no rione Parione. A Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, na Piazza Navona. A praça dispõe ainda duas outras fontes esculpidas por Giacomo della Porta - a Fontana di Nettuno (1574), na área norte da praça, e a Fontana del Moro (1576), na área sul.

Piazza Navona, Tourist Attraction in Rome and Latium, Italy. Tourist information for travelers to Rome and Latium