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Mckinley Oil

Flowers 2009

Red Flowers

Panel Rep'Ed

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I would love a colorful polka dot wall in my home. Weekend project perhaps?

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8 Colors

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Reduction Linocut

Artist Dave Lefner. Reduction linocut in 8 colors. Rep'ed by Skidmore Contemporary Art.

Suite 2009

Tom Mckinley

25 3

3 4

Pink Suite

Panel 25

Orange Shoes


2009 Oil

Tom Mckinley "pale pink suite" 2009 oil on panel 25 3/4 x 40

Mckinley Artist

Tom Mckinley

Skidmore Contemporary

Contemporary Art

Mckinley Paintings

Paintings Skidmore

Herring Gulls


Art Muse

Tom McKinley | Artist Tom McKinley Paintings | Skidmore Contemporary Art

Douglas Mackie

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Defining Design: Eclectic Interiors

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Patterned wall love. #decor #gold #chic

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Tom Ford @ home

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bright green & polka dots. Shoot ya!!

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Alesea'S Bedroom

How the girls from Team LC made a #DIY gold polka-dot wall

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Thibaut Tanzania

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Turquoise Chair

dalmation wall

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Downstairs Bathroom

Love this pattern for a wall—reminds me of a quilt pattern. ~ Inspiring Stenciled Projects

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Staircase 1 by ChicagoGeek, Chicago Museum of Modern Art

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Coloured Wall

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SEAN SCULLY #contemporary #art #fineart

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lola donoghue



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Anish Kapoor.



Gorgeous Mirror

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Be Awesome

big mirror, love the frame.

My Modern Metfrom My Modern Met

Surreal Portraits Blend Mystical Landscapes with Reality

Cyclops Antonio

Artist Antonio




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Surreal Portraits Blend Mystical Landscapes with Reality - My Modern Metropolis. Antonio Mora photog.