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Everything You Wanted To Know About Typograpy, or, Learn This To Communicate Better With Type.

i really like the text wrap around the word press. i also like that there are two different fonts used in this graphic. It makes each word stand out individually.

Love the juxtaposition of the fonts and colors in this!

100 best free fonts from Smashing Magazine. Lots of good options.

80 Beautiful Typefaces For Professional Design

This is a helpful guide to easily remember what each of these words mean when you're working with all things text. This is a super effective use of design.

30 Brilliant Typefaces for Corporate Design/Smashing Magazine

5 Best Elegant Google Font Combinations. The nice thing about Google fonts are that they are already web-ready and you don't have to host them yourself! Just add a link in your CSS.

I like this font because the thin version is very unoffensive and yet readable. I think this could be used for captions of sources.