Galvanized Wash Tubs with finial feet

Galvanized Wash Tub Planters with wooden feet.perfect for copper boil pot planter.

Beautiful Garden Fountain ideas (26)

40 Beautiful Garden Fountain Ideas

would love this for my new flower garden Combining tipsy planters and garden fountains - this is AWESOME - a galvanized tipsy planter with central fountain feature (watering cans are SUPPOSED to pour water, right?) I love love LOVE this idea!

Transforme sua cadeira velha em uma floreira!

Transforme sua cadeira velha em uma floreira

Flower patch with barrel

Wave Petunias Spilling Out of a Barrel - beautiful garden idea, i like purple or pink wave petunias but the white looks nice and frothy - great upcycle use for a wooden bucket no longer able to hold flowers - could use another container as well

House Numbers reinvented  Actually... front yard... but I still can do this... First thing that needs to happen is that half dead tree needs to come down... carve out the stump... plant the flowers in the stump... stone bench behind with these little prettys attached to it... HHHMMMM Ideas

Flower pot house numbers

DIY: house number flower pots - One of the things both my boyfriend and I are looking forward in the (far) future is a garden (a bit nerdy, I know) attached to the house. As a kid my parents would. rustic garden idea |

Rustic garden or the country garden is widely popular and known for all even people who do not live in the countryside. Rustic garden style is very impress flowers gardens plants,Gardening,gardening ideas,

Need to find me an old wooden bucket just like this.

Ice cream bucket planter I like the color of the bucket. the old ice cream buckets usually have fabulous colors of paint on them and are just so perrrrrfect for displaying of flowers!