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make this archery bag in pink and red with felted hearts and scrollwork to use to decorate the entry . . .

Kid Inspiration - All for the Boys - Crafteeo - DIY Cardboard Warrior Helmets

diy bow and arrow for kids - Google- make bow and arrows or to buy, that is the question.

how to make a cardboard chest piece armor- for Chase's palace guard costume for Halloween. I love easy diy costumes!

Arts and Crafts for your American Girl Doll: Rock climbing wall for American girl dolls •just paint a cardboard box grey/white •glue on colored beads or colored/painted tiny rocks •glue a piece of ribbon to the top then make a detachable harness by rapping ribbon around your doll use Velcro to detach.

The Artful Parentfrom The Artful Parent

DIY Bubble Wands with Beads

Summer Craft : DIY Bubble Wands with Beads : A great way to add some whimsy to your day! Have kids make their own wands using beads - then have a bubble party!

DIY Quiver (arrow bag) - I need to make this for Brendan. used this idea to sort of make my son's quiver. he loves it. 2013

CARDBOARD TUBE BINOCULARS: Take the kids on a backyard adventure with their own binoculars recycled from cardboard tubes.


10 Ways to Create With Cardboard Tubes

Craft Supplies don't have to be expensive. Here are 10 fun ways to create with an empty cardboard tube. Which is your favorite?