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Soviet Union


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United in Social Realism - soviet propaganda Leon Trotsky had been the most loyal patron of the Constructivists in the Soviet leadership. When Trostky was pushed out of the party and then into exile by Josef Stalin, many of the Constructivists were branded as "formalists" by the new leadership. In 1932, Socialist Realism became the new, Stalin-approved aesthetic, and artists had to change their style or risk public censure -- or worse.

This picture shows about the common solider of the soviet union. Ukraine was a big part of the soviet union because it's the largest country in the continent Europe and was benefited when the soviet union died out because they believed in physical education and they left thousands of arena's with equipment.

Soviet Union postage stamp: revolution by karen horton, via Flickr

Anti drinking ads from the Soviet Union.

Soviet Union postage stamp: revolution c. 1963