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  • Timothy Denehy Photography

    Charlotte Branney by Tyne Wear Archives Museums, via Flickr -- this site on Flickr has tons of interesting old photos....

  • Diane Hallstrom

    Mug shot: Charlotte Branney. She's a scrappy bounder who has knack for picking people's pockets.

  • Lindsay Brillson

    Criminal Woman of North Shields

  • Claudia G

    :::::::::: Vintage Photograph ::::::::: Meet Charlotte Branney. She's a scrappy bounder who has knack for picking people's pockets. But, Look how lovely the handwriting is on the sign! 1904

  • Autumn Brown

    Vintage Lady Criminals Set

  • Jay Jens

    Charlotte Branney, larceny - Edwardian Mugshot

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Aww, you hardly ever see a nice smile in an old photograph.

Susannah Adamson | prisoners brought before the North Shields Police Court between 1902 and 1916 in the collection of Tyne & Wear Archives

+~+~ Antique Photograph ~+~+ Striking side profile of an elegant Edwardian young woman.

I think this photo was post-mortem. Her hand at the neckline of her dress doesn't seem to be in a natural position, and her eyes seem distant. The hand on the stool could well have been used to help prop her up. Her hair gives an appearance of having been neglected, perhaps due to illness.

Thomas Orange This mug shot comes from a police identification book believed to be from the 1930s. It was originally found in a junk shop by a member of the public and subsequently donated to Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums. No information is available to confirm which police force compiled it but evidence suggests it's from the Newcastle upon Tyne area.

This antique photo from around 1850 instantly jumps out and grabs your attention. In it we see a young woman holding a full plate daguerreotype portrait of a man. Just who that man is (her brother, husband, even father?) remains a true mystery however. One cannot help but wonder if she sat for this image, holding her treasured photograph of a way of memorializing, for all of the time, the important bond the two had shared. #Victorian #photograph #antique #vintage #woman #family

CDV Portrait of a young woman - Sweden - c.1915 by Patrick Bradley 70, via Flickr

In a scene like something from a charming movie, we see a woman and three young girls (from 1905) dancing about merrily on a wooden floor.

Though the young woman in this ambrotype from the 1850s has a tired look in her eyes (quite understandable given the newborn nestled in her arms!), there's also a clear sense of maternal joy and pride there, too.

1920s mugshots. Second one done is a transgendered woman to man, without surgery obviously.

Vintage Mugshots from the 1920s. Australia.