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Germann House by Marte Marte Architect

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Nancy Creek Guesthouse by Philip Babb Architect

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Hut on Sleds, designed by Crosson, Clarke, Carnachan Architects,

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Stone Creek Camp – Andersson Wise Architects

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Hill Plains House in rural Victoria, designed by Jeremy Wolveridge. Clad in Blackbutt.

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STONE CREEK CAMP BIGFORK, MT Stone Creek Camp is situated on the flanks of a long hill, leading visitors into a gradual discovery of the site. Two gatehouse buildings announce claim to the property; a pebble and earth path leads down the hill to the master house, lodge, and guest house.

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Green Roof and Green Wall Technology | Infographics Village

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See America: A WPA Federal Art Project poster for the U.S. Travel Bureau promoting tourism in Montana. The poster shows a cluster of tipis with mountains in the background: "See America. Welcome to Montana. U.S. Travel Bureau." Illustrated by Richard Halls. c. 1938.

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U-House in Yamaguchi, Japan by Kubota Architect Atelier

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herzog and de meuron plywood house - Google Search

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Mill Valley Residence by Yamamar Design

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WOW Architects

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Tree House by 6a Architects

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