• Gitanisha

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  • John Barleycorn

    Wow, that's one sinister Easter Bunny! Surprisingly, the little girl doesn't look terrified. Check out the body part on the floor at the lower left. Apparently Mr. Bunny didn't have time to completely dispose of the last kid...

  • Heather Kish

    Easter eggs are overrated, little girl. How about a nice, sharp machete?

  • Elizabeth Andersen

    Crazy scary Easter Bunny... or demented rabbit from Donnie Darko?

  • Karen Swartz

    The rabbit didn’t have time to dispose of the last kid. (submitted by Meredith) from awkward family photos

  • Kathrine Breivik

    The rabbit didn't have time to dispose of the last kid. Please someone tell me where I can find this rabbit costume?!

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