Candy corn sugar cookies for Halloween. too cute.

candy corn punch recipe |

Candy Corn Cookie Bark - your homebased mom ( I've made this the last few years and it's a big hit. Posting here to share.

Baked Corn Dogs - used a pack of Jiffy, added 4-5 sliced up hot dogs & baked according to package. Healthier option than fried.

Cute and not candy!

Chocolate pumpkin cake. Yum.

Halloween candy corn cake - beautifully decorated with candy corn, even the cake layers are candy corn colors!

This is such a cute idea for Easter! Dip strawberries in white chocolate that's tinted with orange food coloring for a carrot-inspired treat! (Scathingly Brilliant)

Dough recipe for sugar cookies that wont lose their shape. Needed around Christmas time.

Candy Corn Pudding Pops!

Can't wait to put this on my boys' plates this halloween. They are going to freak out

Candy corn sugar cookies

Great fall treats

Candy corn cheesecake mousse

Candy Corn Cupcakes for Halloween!

Candy Corn Cupcakes

Candy Corn Pretzels

sugar cookie tacos

pumpkin cookies

spiral sugar cookies - the color options are endless!

pretzels snaps, hershey's kiss, candy corn... place kiss on pretzel, microwave then stick candy corn on top. Yum, yum! Try it with a Rollo candy instead with a pecan on top as another option.