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    • Colleen Shimkoski

      Hunger should not be an issue in this day and age. We have the means and the supply. Our choice is to drop bombs instead of food. We cannot afford both... one pisses the world off and they want to retaliate against America, the other would create love and peace. Our choice.

    • Kristin Sutton

      Now I thought this quote was really interesting, so we have enough money to fight wars and protect America but we don't have enough money to help those in need in America?in the black community many live in terrible conditions or they live alright but can't get any jobs or welfare because they are not "qualified" to get anything. If the people who take care of the money for the States actually divided the money equally for the people in need and war, everyone would live well.

    • Polyglot .

      My thoughts about health care.

    • Bea Wellman

      #Money #War #Help

    • Nicole Cat

      <3 #Quote #Money

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    Thank you! Not all Christians are narrow-minded or bigots or any combination thereof - the bad apples just tend to put themselves out there :P