There A LOT of links to different workouts on this. Theres stuff from Insanity, P90X, and ToneItUp!

VS workout.

Inner thigh workout


Ten-Minute Victoria's Secret Workout

6 Moves for Slimmer Hips and Thighs: Sculpt your lower body while challenging your core and zapping fat

I like the 99 workout. Definitely going to try that.

The Victoria's Secret butt workout

sexy legs workout

That sounds easy enough.

Victoria's Secret Model Butt & Runway Legs Workout With Justin Gelband

100 calories gone!

Daily Butt Workout - 5 min/day, 30 sec/exercise


12 crazy great workouts take 3-4 minutes each!!! Do as many as you like..... depending on how much time you have to work out! As the girl on the video would say, "Brilliant!"

Full body workout

workouts for teen girls | Thread: Workouts at home for a teen girl

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10 min butt and thigh workout! - whole series of workouts

Gonna try it :)!!