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Art Bell the creator of coast to coast am. Overnights across the fruited plain and the world.

Orson Welles

October 30, 1938 orson welles war of the worlds

Art Bell

"The Black Museum. A Repository of Death. Here in the grim stone structure on the Thames which houses Scotland Yard is a warehouse of homicide, where everyday objects . . . all are touched by murder. ORSON WELLES

Art Bell

stars of otr

Betty White :)

Matt Damon


Sam Elliott

rupert grint

Alfre Woodward

Henry Travers ~ A very fine character actor in the 1930's and 1940's

Orson Welles, February 3rd 1940 issue of The Saturday Evening Post

Vincent Price was Simon Templar the saint

Jack Benny, 1894 - 1974.