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  • MyVintageBluebird

    The trusting and spoiled Golden Retriever dreams away an afternoon by Andrew Morrell Photography, via Flickr

  • Janet Kissane

    Honey Bear was so special

  • April Dwenger RedCaboosePhotography

    Grant (a reader) sent me an email this week asking for a some tips on Pet Photography. Here’s my top ten tips on taking great photographs of your pet: 1. Start with Your Pet’s Personality Before you start photographing your pet ask yourself ‘what sets it apart from other animals?’ Think about what type of […]

  • Laura Malone

    How to Photograph Pets - Digital Photography School

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Pet photography requires a lot of patience. No matter how excited your furry friend is, if you are patient enough, he will end up by relaxing and you will have the opportunity to get a decent shot.

How to Photograph Pets - Get On Their Level...Get down on your pets level where you can look upon them eye to eye. Images taken by a photographer standing up and looking down on their level not only leave you too far away from your subject but they also mean the shots end up having a very ‘human perspective’. Getting down on your pets level means you enter their world and get a glimpse of what life looks like from their angle – you’ll be impressed by the results as they are more personal and have a real element of intimacy.

"If you want to know the character of a man, find out what his cat thinks of him." --Unknown Author

How to Photograph Pets - (pinning to both pet board and photography board ~TA)

How to Photograph Pets - Hope I can get some good pics of our new family member!

5 Adorable Pet Photos [and How to Make your Shots even Cuter] - Digital Photography School

How to Photograph Babies by photographytips: Take pictures during play. Accessorize with color. Zoom in. Get down on the floor. Shoot fast and often! Thanks to @Steph :: Modern Parents Messy Kids! #Photography #Babies #photographytips_net

My very first dog as a toddler was an Irish Setter, Rosie... Oh she was a sweetie and beautiful dog!

I had the hardest time photographing children, early on, but clients always contacted me to schedule them. So here is what became my blueprint...

This woman, Rosie, is inspiring. She not only whips up deliciousness, has now rn 2 successful businesses, but she is also very articulate and shares information on the photography she does herself. From a busy mothers' perspective, she is positive and upbeat and excited about life. I like that.

Photographer Captures Beautiful Portraits of Her Pet Dogs #photography #pets