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Treking in Mali - definitely on the list.

eres la razón de mi existencia la respuesta a mi por qué.

Ocean Sea Starfish: Blue #starfish; photo by Paul Cowell. vma.

Country Board Part 3- 1c.) Children in Mali are required, by law, to be protected and provided for. Unfortunately, these laws are not always followed. In some parts of Mali, there are children starving and being treated unfairly.

I am exploring Argentina and South America'S native future.

Bambara African Mask. The Bambara live in large parts of central and southern Mali. They belong to the large group of Mande, like the Soninke and Malinke.

Country Board Part 2- 11.) Compared to other countries in the world, Mali is ranked as the 16th poorest country. The GDP per capita (as of 2011) for Mali is $1,128.

Vintage Puzzle Map (via Smile & Wave) this looks like the cardboard puzzle I put together over and over and over!