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+~+~ Antique Photograph ~+~+ Edwardian House Maid.

img456 Washing Day by PeaTJay, via Flickr

How I miss freshly laundered sheets dried in the sun and fresh air! Childhood longings.

*Man!!! Do I ever appreciate my Kenmore washer and dryer... this looks like way too much work for some clean underwear.

a simpler time ... wash tub, washboard + laundry on a clothesline

chilly laundry day... I love hanging laundry during the snowy days of winter. The laundry smells sooooo good.

No little white fence where I grew up, but we did have double wire clothes line used every week. Hated pinning clothes to the line then, and I still hate doing laundry today.

Such a beautiful sight....makes me think of my childhood when we would make visits to relatives in the country...

I always love to smell clean clothes off the clothes line and there's nothing better than sliding into a clean bed where the sheets have hung out all day!

I realize that I am blessed and I should love washing clothes using electric and clean water. I want to print out pictures like this to remember all my privileges