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Colin Firth

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OK. He isn't nearly as cool as Johnny Cash, but he is so cute. I mean, Mr. Darcy!

Colin Firth (September 10, 1960 - ) as Geoffrey Clifton in "The English Patient", 1996. age 36. #actor

King George VI: Listen to Me! Listen to Me! Lionel Logue: Why would I waste my time listening to you? King George VI: because I have a voice! Lionel Logue: Yes you do. From The King's Speech.

Colin Firth | "I would rather five people knew my work and thought it was good work than five million knew me and were indifferent."

Colin Firth doing a mighty fine job of looking as sharply dressed as a dapper tack.

MR. DARCY - Maybe a little silly to put this on my "Janeite" board; however, true Janeites can appreciate Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy in the 1993 BBC version of Pride and Predjudice. This is the one man my husband knows I have a mad crush on. He knows it and doesn't mess with it. It is what it is.

The Simply Luxurious Life®: Why Not . . . Stop Competing with Others?

#9 - The sleeve of a dress shirt should extend between 1/4 and 1/2 inch past the sleeve of a jacket. | 16 Style Rules Every Man Should Know @ School of Style #SOSMenswearStyling

Colin Firth. This has to be the most alluring photograph of a man I've ever seen. Ever. I mean it. Ever.

Colin Firth...yes I meant to pin him on the yummo board for a reason.

Just saw the King's Speech... wow. Love him even more now than I did in Bridget Jones or The Importance of Being Earnest

Colin Firth. this has got to be taken by Nadav Kander. makes my stomach hurt it's so beautiful.