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    • Traci Valladares

      Lmao!! Or... how about "helping your Uncle, Jack, off OF a horse" (improper use of capitalization for emphasis only). See, actual proper grammar and punctuation saves the day!! But not as funny...

    • Brittany Snyder

      I cant stop laughing.... Funny Reminders Ecard: Capitalization is the difference between 'helping your Uncle Jack off a horse' and 'helping your uncle jack off a horse.'

    • Jeannette Auerbach

      (Sorry for this sort of humor....but, it is funny!) I am such a grammar freak!

    • Kris Dannen

      It feels so naughty to laugh at this but.. bwahahaha! thats so funny!

    • Lisa Shafer

      English teacher humor Not school appropriate, but funny anyway. :)

    • Jennifer M

      This makes me laugh! Bah!! and then giggle some more

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    Grammar is important. Capital letters are the difference between "helping your Uncle Jack off a horse" &"helping your uncle jack off a horse".

    made me laugh

    I just laughed out loud....


    grammar pet peeves...

    yup, definitely laughed out loud.

    You find it offensive?


    hahaha...totally laughed out loud


    Grammar humor. :) grammar

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    This literally made me laugh out loud!

    Could have said that to a girl or two!

    I just laughed sssooo hard because this is sssoooo my life anyway!

    So true. Not only am I perpetually mortified when reading things on the Internet, but also things in real life that contain abbreviations galore and incorrect grammar.


    this is so ling! ahahaha!