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I need to remember this!

Everyday is a new beginning !!! Live life to the fullest..... Life's very short .....

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moving on

moving on

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I think this would be a great tattoo


Your character is very important as it shows who you belong to...

Everyday motto! Don't stress, just live for today!

Love this quote! She saw every ending as a New Beginning! #quotes #women #inspiration (via TumbleOn)

live the life you have always imagined

motivation..haha good thing I'm seeing this today! ;)

the best!


time to move on

sometimes there is no next time, no timeouts, and no second chances, sometimes it's now or never

Powerful!.  This is huge. Spread yourself out and find joy on many fronts... Nothing is forever, so don't depend on just one single thing to bring you happiness!

moving on. So true