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Cute Puppy of German Shepherd- I will have another one- mark my words! haha

What is your name? #GSD

wine barrel house


Maine Coon Kitten

Weird Twist: Russian Bear Hunting Dog: Caucasian Ovcharka Nagazi



Oh my goodness. Love!!!

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{Caucasian Shepherd dog}

.....a golden retriever puppy.... look at that adorable little face!

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How tiny is that kitten!!

Overly needy duckling may also be the most adorable creature ever. AWW

Precious! "It's called the "teddy bear dog". Half shih-tzu and half bichon frise. ~ Cute puppy and dog

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Shichon Teddy Bear. I've seen the Teddy Bears with Lauren before, and we both fell in love with them. Great dogs. Too small? I don't know

that's one big cat.

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