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Abandoned mansion in Shreveport, LA

I am in love with this porch! I don't think I would change anything about it...even if it IS abandoned!

Abandoned mansion ws This amazing abandoned mansion was set in large grounds and high walls all around ,Painted ceilings and double sweeping entrance staircase was most grand and added real charm to the exterior - Andre Govia

abandoned amazing how people walk away leaving drapes and some of their other possessions

as found in the abandoned chateau de la solitude, near Paris, France (by Mobilohm's photostream)

Abandoned mansion. Beautiful. Must have been stunning in its day. Love this wall color!

This place will make you better Abandoned sanatorium CE, Rolling with Pere73,pato_83 and Teo , the decay here is what makes explorers explore.

ABANDONED MANSION. I would love to find one and restore it and make it beautiful again.

Condemned Mansion... Need to sell your home fast? With a glut of unsold homes on the market and foreclosures on the rise, you may be feeling discouraged...

abandoned mansion #25 by hugojcardoso, via Flickr