lotion container to charging caddy

Great idea! ♥

Using an old shampoo bottle to make a holder for sponges at the kitchen sink

DIY Plastic Bottle Napkin Holder

DIY Cell Phone Holder for When You Need a Charge!

DIY sink saddle caddy

Glass Bottle Cutting- You can soak a piece of yarn in nail polish remover, tie around bottle, light with a lighter, let burn all the way around for about 10-15 seconds then dip in bowl of cold water perfect spilt every time.

DIY Glass Cutting

These colorful Method bottles make great makeup storage. | 33 Impossibly Cute DIYs You Can Make With Things From Your Recycling Bin

Wood Wine Glass & Bottle Holder (Party for Four) | Annie Housewife Home & Decor Store

Today I have a project that I have been meaning to make for a long, long time!  If you happen to follow my Pinterest account, you still might not have seen this project that I pinned because it was from 2 years ago!!! This is not a super-detailed tutorial because the original from Make It

Holder for charging your phone.

Holder for Charging Phone made from a Lotion Bottle! - for us non-sewers

DIY ● cell phone charger holder

I am back to using dove body wash. But, again, I didn't pay $6.00. I figured out how to make it myself for only $1.72 a bottle! I know you may instantly be skeptical of how you could replicate the lavish liquid but really it's the exact same thing!

Small containers made from soda bottle tops/caps.

Doing this now...

1 of 2 Recycle laundry detergent bottles Save those 100-oz. laundry detergent bottles and use them to hold jumbo supplies of screws and nails. Cut the top off the bottle to create a wide-mouth bin with a built-in handl

Wood Wine Glass Bottle Holder (Party for Four) Could make this out of metal with a little cheese dish or something.

Bag storage, new use for our old coffee containers.