The Help

The Color Purple - Deep movie

Best chick flick

Loved it

"Legally Blonde" - certainly in my top ten list of my favorite movies of all time (even beating "Judgment at Nuremberg"!). It has served as an academic inspirational tale for me for the last, longer than I care to admit, number of years... ;-).

A classic Disney fairytale collides with modern-day New York City in a story about a fairytale princess who is sent to our world by an evil queen. Soon after her arrival, Princess Giselle begins to change her views on life and love after meeting a handsome lawyer. Can a storybook view of romance survive in the real world?

The 25 best movie musicals of all time - 'Mary Poppins'

favorite movies

"CORINA, CORINA" = Movie --- When Manny Singer's wife dies, his young daughter Molly becomes mute withdrawn. To help cope with looking after Molly, he hires sassy housekeeper Corrina Washington, who coaxes Molly out of her shell shows father daughter a whole new way of life. Manny Corrina's friendship delights Molly enrages the other townspeople. _____________________________ Reposted by Dr. Veronica Lee, DNP (Depew/Buffalo, NY, US)

Actually a movie and book, like both

Seriously, my ALL TIME favorite movie.

I went to see this on opening night and the next day I delivered my first child...always will love this movie.

Dear John :( Cried so hard and so often :( it really hit home to me personaly... ;(

Flashdance- have no idea how many times I went to see this movie !

"The Lucky One." Saw this a few weeks ago and barely remember it! I think it was cute...but obviously forgettable.

GREAT movie .... really touching, also interesting to watch how they use the math to form a team!

The Last Song Movie

Remember to bring tissues when you watch Safe Haven!

greattt movie.

Anna Fitzgerald looks to earn medical emancipation from her parents who until now have relied on their youngest child to help their leukemia-stricken daughter Kate remain alive.

The Proposal - Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds