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Hahaha I'm always here for you

Totally my kids!

Just For Gags Collections: Bastille Day - Paris the 14th of July 2013Photo tooked at the champs de mars in Paris during the fireworks of the Bastille day.many people was taking pictures of the eiffel tower so I tought that it will be funnny and different if I capture that in a this way.Hope you'll like it !MahdiUpdate - mahdiaridjphotogr...




wedding dog: labrador with wedding rings

If you're cold... but still want to watch TV. ... Can't. Stop. Laughing.


haha omg Choco would do something like this.


This is a fully grown Golden Cocker Retriever. i want one!!!

Hmm ;)

Pretty much

This website has LOTS of great ideas for things to do for your man :)

uh huh

Yep did this all the time. Child ninja

bahahahaha :P

I miss choco

yes, yes I do.

too much!

oh my goodness....

Golden Retriever/Siberian Husky...omg I want one.