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No, not the frog tongue (although I admit it's pretty damn awesome), but the skill to fuse images in Photoshop and get this result ^^

Eden Wasabi Chips....... I can literally feel this. I've had sour candy that will do this to me.

Eden Wasabi Chips - Slogan: Crisp and Fiery Hot, Message: Wakes you up with every bite.

Mashing Photos Together Can Create Some Interesting Art

Mashing Photos Together Can Create Some Interesting Art

Cauliflower Poodle Confirmed - Mashing Photos Together Can Create Some Interesting Art

Found out what I can do with all of those old Barbies in the basement

Barbie Head Kebob Car Antenna: Watch your barbie doll heads go for a ride every time you drive with the new barbie head kebob! Not to be confused with a shish k

no no noo! that is the funniest/nastiest thing i've ever seen  That's how u know ur booty stinks lol man oh man

Butt Attracting Flies - Fashion Fail ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails thats gross

Cool Haircut

Best Mohawk Ever! Mohawk haircut looks like gecko - lizard is awesome!

In search of Sasquatch is over.

This guy is wearing ski boots.Polar bear on vacation? Check the rest. Hilariously horrible photography gone way way to far wrong.

dudes trying way too hard hipster jacket

I love the hands.Fashion designer Si Ieong Chan has created Hug Me, a Fall/Winter collection of men’s outerwear that includes a green puffy jacket with five sets of interlocking hands, a pink gingham suit with wrapping/grabbing hands and more.