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  • Naomi Shalev

    I'm on a horse

  • Christian Keys

    old spice- Us men use this...and become good-smelling warriors.

  • Stephanie Sanata

    One day I hope to work on an advertising campaign that is as successful as the Old Spice man himself! Lookout, Weiden + Kennedy!

  • Ashley Ward

    The Old Spice Guy, really this has to be photo shopped!! Look at his waist, it goes from skinny to getto booty!!

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Ambercrombie and Fitch CEO looks like an albino Orc.

Sounds like your friend did you a favor on that one. I think you should raise your standards a little bit and oh, I don't know, be interested in a girl whose IQ is HIGHER than a chicken's.

Please do not disturb... This is how I feel when writing a paper!

Tom: This guy represents tom because he is muscular and inconsiderate. Tom is a selfish person and he only cares about his self.

hahaha, what a sweet and caring hubby. He listened & like a typical man found a solution♥ lol

This is somewhere between funny/sad/he shouldn't have done that/that was awesome<<<< LOL

Texting. I think this pin made my life complete.

Chocolate milk man is not pleased. Not pleased at all. laughed too hard at this! haha