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The Hobbit Debuts a New Trailer

Lincoln debuts new trailer.

The Mortal Instruments trailer debuts.

The Hobbit! The Super Screen

The Hobbit 2. Peter Jackson announces name.

Star Trek Into Darkness international trailer.

Movie Rave:The Constant Gardener

The Hobbit Company of Characters


The Odd Life Of Timothy Green

This should be a movie.

The Dark Knight Rises

Thor: The Dark World Trailer Drops

Women of Middle Earth.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - this could be my most favorite movie EVER! I was literally giddy the entire time I was watching it - I swear Peter Jackson must have stepped into my imagination, and brought it to life. And my husband felt the same way. My preciousssssss :)

The new housing brochure for the homes of Middle Earth is out! We have properties available from Bag End to spacey properties big enough for a Balrog.

margot tenenbaum..maybe the best movie ever.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey [Blu-ray]: Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Peter Jackson: Movies & TV

I spent the last 2+ years wandering the streets of Paris pretending to follow in the footsteps of famous people. This movie was fun because Gil found that low door in the wall and actually got to meet the people. If you love Paris, this is a definite watch.

flashback 90s..I still listen to the soundtrack. Radiohead, Beastie Boys, Counting Crows...:)