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  • Jennifer Michaelis

    True story. To, too, two, their, there, they're, your, you're...How hard is it? I mean really. Hisself is not a word. (I am reposting this with the original comments because I think they are both dead-on and hilarious!)

  • Mich Elle

    English teacher truth

  • Melanie Coefield

    Because I am an English teacher, people who meet me at cocktail parties actually get nervous and preemptively apologize for their grammar! Too funny!

  • Carla Brewer

    story of my life - but then again, I am an English major.

  • Jamie T

    So, so true! (and sometimes, i am not so silent...)

  • Alatheia

    What, you can't prove I do this (all the time). :D #quotes #sayings #humour #funny

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It's not true though. My love IS unconditional, asshole or no. I may stop seeking you out if you hurt me too much but I still love you.

I'm never ready to do things at 8am, unless I absolutely must

Especially in my kitchen: Not only is the kitchen the best gathering place, it's where your friends become family and your family learns to keep loving each other no matter what.

I often walk a fine line between "super fun" mom and "kinda psychotic, maybe we should call the authorities" mom.

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I am going places, just don't know when or where yet.

First, it's the laptop. After that, it's the iPad, then the iPod. This is my hubby and I... almost every night!

My motto. Its not lame or dumb, people its called manners. Yeah I may be old fashioned but gosh dang it I am not ur slave u will ask for things not demand them. So stop being a prissy little five year old but at least five year olds dont know better!

Funny meme. Story of every college student. This is how a college life goes :P Better get an online education.. online degree !! Click the bed to enroll :D

this is me almost every night. LOL