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they want to take away your work place safety..fight them..


If Big Labor Would But Fight, Millions Would Join Them on the Ramparts An open letter to Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO.

How House Republicans Are Preaching A False Gospel About Food Stamps - As lawmakers on Capitol Hill continue to battle over whether or not to cut funding for federal food assistance programs, House Republicans are wielding a bizarre new weapon in their attempt to gut government services that help the poor: bad Bible skills. -

Disapproval of congressional Republicans’ budget wrangling after a week long shutdown has shot up to 70 percent according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

You want to compare the U.S. budget to a family budget? Let's be real about it.


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Wisconsin republicans

DO WE WANT A LIAR FOR PRESIDENT? Romney talked a great game. But as Think Progress revealed, a lot of it was just bald-faced lying. Here are 10 of the worst from MoveOn/Storify ... Especially read #5, that's a real killer. But then so is #6. And #9. And then there's his "preexisting conditions" crap in #10. And there were so many more lies, these are just the worst. What kind of a president would a scumbag like this make? A great one for the rich, for the rest of us? Hope we don't find out.

Doesn't want you to have any. DITCH MITCH! VOTE THE GOP OUT in 2014!