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#PizzaHut revealed their touch-screen table concept that allows customers to design their pizza in every little detail, from the size of the pie to how the toppings are distributed. Find more:

Designing remains no more a tricky task with Multi-function Design Table

Designer Michael Powers has devised a drafting table that combines all the designing tools together on its touch sensitive surface. Integrating a 19" monitor, together with virtual keyboard and mouse on the touchscreen surface, the table comes built in with speakers, markers, tape, rulers, a digital camera, external hard drive, power strip and paper...

Gallery of Public Art Installations from Numen / For Use Design Collective - 39

The Combi Monitor Lets You Print Your Screen, Literally!

The Combi Monitor Lets You Print Your Screen, Literally! The sleek design of the aptly-named Document Extractor Combi Monitor puts touch-screen controls, paper scanning, and smart screen printing harmoniously into one computer body.

‪#‎Zara‬ launches around 10,000 new designs each year. Although it doesn’t use advertising for promotion, the brand is renowned in the entire world. Read more here:

Ah so this might be the future of the desktop computer.

Google finds partner to produce 'smart' contact lenses for diabetics

Google's smart contact lenses are one step closer to helping diabetics better manage their condition.