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Make your own Gardening Binder from @frugalsustainable

How to Create a Gardening Binder: I been on a Family Binder kick and so I been looking for ways to do this with other things. I want to make a school binder for my kids, Garden binders one for me and one that will be more for the kids.

Figuring out which soil type you have is the first step to a healthy lawn.

DIY Soil Jar Test -- All you need is a mason jar, dish soap and water to see how your soil stacks up and what you need to use to naturally amend it.

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35 Unexpected Things To Add To Your Compost Pile

80 + Stuff that make your garden grow better. items listed I I never would have thought to compost. If I ever actually compost. If the raccoons can stay clear!

We think you should try pruning your vegetable plants, even though some…

Cut to Size: Vegetable Garden Pruning for Beginners

You should prune your vegetable plants, even though some don't find it necessary. Learn how to prune vegetable plants such as tomato, cucumber, and squash with our guide.

How to plan a garden for self-sufficiency and build on it each year..

Absolutely everything you need to know to grow healthy, fresh organic food, without all the problems. Finally, a method of growing food that is reliable (and I mean bomb proof). It also produces an abundance of food and is easy to understand.

Medicinal Plants to Grow #Gardening #OnlineShoppingForGardening  Buy seeds #online @9garden .com

133 Homesteading Skills for the Modern Day Homesteader

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How to Build Garden Boxes: 5 Styles and Tutorials

...because you can't buy it in stores! Gardeners know good food because they grow it and taste it freshly harvested. They give the plants love and attention for many weeks, months, or years, and are sweetly...

Unusual Fruit You Need to Grow in Your Garden...

This is a great list of unusual fruit to grow - like ground cherries, pink blueberries, and cocktail kiwis! I generally look for unique edible plants to grow and purchase the standard fare items at the store or farmers market!

Make Your Own Greenhouse

Make Your Own Greenhouse, DIY Greenhouse from PVC and cattle panel Could be used as a Chicken Coop/Yard as well