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    Actual wealth distribution in America is much more unbalanced than people realize — and much worse still than they would like.

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    From the presentation on behavioral finance

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    Interesting McKinsey study on future technologies.

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    Cool chart showing the performance of different parts of the US labour market

    Very cool chart showing what will happen with credit ratings if there is no change in government policy (by the S)

    So, trade differences are getting smaller and what happens? Trade wars! #weird

    HSBC: Asia’s ‘worrying’ debt-led growth | beyondbrics

    The steady erosion in risk 'free' bonds...

    When China sneezes... Mongolia will surely die?

    Cool chart showing deleveraging in the US. Them students....

    Dutch pension funds allocate 57% to bonds, way more than average... NOT without risks I would say...

    Peak oil, the simple version.

    The second term is always harder...

    Clearest chart yet concerning global warming.

    Cool way to show the strengths and weaknesses in the US labour market from 2007

    Brilliant visualization of economic prospects since 2008, and the mismatch with stock markets...

    Some longer term perspective on the central bank balance sheets.