four cheese white pizza with fresh basil, thyme, and oregano.

www.gardennearthegreen.comI love white pizzas. READ and PIN then make. Roasted Garlic Spinach White Pizza

White Pizza with Chicken and Fresh Herbs


Grilled Pizza Layered with Hummus, Fresh Veggies, Olives and Feta

Pizza, St. Louis-Style

Homemade Creamy Four Cheese Garlic Spaghetti Sauce is the best white cheese Italian pasta sauce you’ll ever try! Super easy weeknight dinner recipe!

Healthy Greek Quesadillas

Spinach Pizza Recipe: In a study published in the International Journal of Cancer, people who ate the most leafy greens had half as many skin tumors over 11 years as those who ate the least. The folate in these veggies, which helps maintain and repair DNA, may reduce the likelihood of cancer-cell growth. #food #pizza #tomato #spinach #skin #beauty

Parmesan and Basil Pizza Dough - Fresh Parmesan and basil kneaded right into the pizza dough creates a crust with a delicious crispy salty bite.


Fancy an easy yet pretty pasta dish for dinner? Look no further – this baked white lasagna may be what you're looking for. This lasagna recipe features sauce so thick and creamy, it will probably hold up with a spoon. Moreover, the recipe also calls for spinach and pureed butternut squash, which further enhances the flavor of the dish. This lasagna is quite fancy and really tasty, but it's quite fuss-free too.

White Pizza with Spinach and Bacon

Belly-blasting breakfast! Gotta try this soon.

stuffed chicken breasts with parmesan and basil

Thin-Crust White Pizza

Tomato MozzarellaTart. Basil is in the crust. My mouth is yearning for this tempting tart now. YUM.

grilled pizzas using tortillas

Low carb lustfulness: grilled avocado with melted parm. cheese & lime. Oh, yum!

fresh corn and tomato salad. absolutely delicious and perfect for summer. Healthy quick and easy.

Mozzarella, Tomato, and Basil Stuffed Chicken....