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    Top 10 Moves for Thinner Thighs-working towards the Aniston legs...haha

    7 exercises for sleeker thighs in one month! This article has really good descriptions and pictures of the exercises too.

    6 Moves to Resize Your Butt and Thighs For a wow booty and toned thighs, you need one simple slimmer: the squat. Try these supercharged versions and you'll love hanging out in your bikini. Seriously.

    best back & butt move

    Butt Buster: Squat With Side Leg Lift. Adding a leg raise to this squat variation challenges your balance while toning your glutes. Working on one leg forces your core to work, and the side kick tones the saddlebag area.

    16 top fitness experts share their go-to move for slim, sculpted hips and thighs.

    Rear Lunge to Knee Drive This move lift's the booty and tightens the thighs.

    6 Moves for Slimmer Hips and Thighs: Try this workout routine to sculpt your butt and legs while challenging your core and burning excess fat too!

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    30 Day Thigh Workout.. this looks like it will kill me

    slimmer thighs in 3 weeks

    10 best ab exercises:

    Top 10 Moves for Thinner Thighs Slim, strengthen, and define your thighs with this power circuit!

    Workout for Thinner Thighs

    10 moves for thinner thighs

    10 moves for thinner thighs

    10 Best Arm Moves … Teatox With A Friend (2X - 14 Day Teatox's)

    Top 10 Thigh Exercises

    Prone Hamstring Curl - shapes up the hamstrings and lifts that hard-to-reach spot where the glutes and hamstrings meet.