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Childrens Art - Animal Painting - Size 8x10 inches - Watercolor Painting - Art Print - Buzzy Bee

Childrens Art - Animal Painting - A4 11.7x8.3in - Watercolor Painting - Art Print - Buzzy Bee on Etsy, $20.50 AUD

** Isolate the queen, and no matter how abundant the food or favorable the temperature, she will expire in a few days from lonliness. [Maurice Materlinck - The Life of a Bee

SANTA HILDEGARDA DE BINGEN.Santa HILDEGARDA, mística, visionaria, profetisa, médica, exorcista, música, virgen y monja benedictina germánica, fundadora y abadesa del monasterio de San Ruperto, había nacido en Böckelheim, cerca de Maguncia, Franconia del Oeste, Sacro Imperio Romano Germánico hacia el año 1098, siendo sus padres el noble Hildebert von BERMERSHEIM y Mechtild.

The Dalili Collection. “Dalili,” meaning “omen” in Swahili, celebrates the discovery and future of three new young and talented designers. Briana DeVoe White, Tor Sauder and Madison Stirling have all been working with Shanan in the Eskayel Studio for the past few years, and each found inspiration in her signature aesthetic when creating their designs. …