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The Doctor has many faces (dr who,10th,tennant,11th,smith,tardis) doctor-who

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'Texts From Superheroes' Deliver Bam! Pow! Funnies

Because Doctor Who, that's why!

I love it. Rose--in her Series 4 outfit--is ruffling his "really great hair," Martha--in her Series 3 outfit--is sticking loyally by the Doctor's side, which is what she spent most of Series 3 doing, mostly trapped on Earth, Jack, who of course is pretending to shoot something (I suppose the alternative was kissing), and Donna is shouting. I love it.

Doctor Who. Watching out for Donna! David Tennant. Donna's Granddad. Wilfred Mott. 10. Ten. So sad when this happened, oh Donna