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Hehehe, I would love this.

My boyfriend and I did this a couple nights ago at Lake Lanier in Cumming, Ga. I didn't care about going camping with anyone specific; I just wanted to go camping, as far as my Bucket List goes, but I'm glad my boyfriend was with me.


So, yes. She has a shoe fetish. Naturally, she'd have an amazing shoe closet. I imagine hers is only half the size of this one, though she has the biggest walk-in closet in the house.

big enough for me to walk in:)

I could never build one that good. All it say is build a giant sand castle.I will, they never said it had to be great😋

Personally_Yeah, THAT side of me!Words_"Have a best friend who will never let me down."__I believe this should be on everyone's bucket list! Though I will say people are not perfect so even THAT best friend may let you down.

op de perfecte locatie

Camp out in the back of a truck in the middle of nowhere - Things to do before I die - Bucket List

When i go to New York I'm so doing this...

Before i die

Before i die i want to do a lot of things.they are crazy and this is noprmal because i'm crazy lol XD *every time i walk in the rain i feel shy to dance and sing* aww i want to meet one direction and to be honest want to get a hug from zayn :D…

Technically I've done this, but not with a guy whom I loved soooo its still on my bucket list to do with a guy I love!! :D

The Notebook- Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams) share a lot of kisses, but nothing beats the post-canoe, pouring-rain moment — "It still isn't over!