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Tea Rex is Cute! REALLY love this one! :D


lets chat over a nice cuppa...

Ceramic mug with a pouch to hold your tea bag. $9.95@Chrissi Lauritzen This makes me think of you!

Check this out, a tea timer lol (From the page it was sourced/pinned from) Perfectly brewed tea with the Penguin Tea Timer Perfectly brewed tea with the Penguin Tea Timer So how would you like it if a cute lil' fella could brew that perfect cuppa everytime you need one and yet never complain about being overworked? Sounds too good to be true? Nope, considering that the man Friday we are referring to is the Penguin Tea Timer. This well-groomed penguin has a built-in timer (1 to 20 mins), wh...


Obviously necessary for camping.

i love it!

Get shit done.

Oh T-Rex Problems! Hahaha

Diver Tea Leaf Filter and Infuser

Shark Tea Infuser

Relaxing Tea Infuser

Pasta Measure Tool


This is freaking cool!! SPOON OF DEATH! It's about 13$

Inflatable Pool Poker Set

One of my husband's favorite tea accessories. Because...robots!