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Tea Rex is Cute! REALLY love this one! :D

38 Reasons Why You Should Feel Better About Yourself... I hope whoever these people are never see this! I just died laughing

Manatea ...must have

Bodum Tea For One: Gifting an easy method for brewing loose tea is certainly a gift that keeps on giving. The Tea For One set ($18), from Bodum, is an elegant, double-wall glass mug with an easily removed strainer. The lid keeps the tea warm while brewing and doubles as a trivet. Include a tin of green tea, and you're golden!

Yep. Need this.

I have one! It's AWESOME!

Coffe Julies. They absorb heat from your coffee or tea when it is too hot and release it back into the drink to keep it at perfect temperature.

easy eat pineapple

Diver Tea Leaf Filter and Infuser

Love it. love it love it.

Tea Diver

Digital Measuring Jug and Scales

English Accent? @Samantha Geissler

Monkey Business TeaSub Tea Infuser

Check this out, a tea timer lol (From the page it was sourced/pinned from) Perfectly brewed tea with the Penguin Tea Timer Perfectly brewed tea with the Penguin Tea Timer So how would you like it if a cute lil' fella could brew that perfect cuppa everytime you need one and yet never complain about being overworked? Sounds too good to be true? Nope, considering that the man Friday we are referring to is the Penguin Tea Timer. This well-groomed penguin has a built-in timer (1 to 20 mins), wh...

Deep Tea Diver Infuser

Home/interior - mr.tea mug

Robot Tea Infuser is 100% adorable. $15

Shark Tea Infuser

Le Creuset tea kettle.

clever play on words :)