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The implications of the Observer Effect are profound, because it means that before anything can manifest in the physical universe it must first be "observed" So, presumably observation cannot occur without the pre-existence of some sort of consciousness to do the observing. The Observer Effect clearly implies that the physical Universe is the direct result of a "Consciousness" ~ Alex Paterson

The most foundational pattern of energy flow in the universe is that of the Torus with the angles and proportions of the compression of the space curling toward stillness (singularity) in the center being expressed by Phi - 1:1.618 - the Golden Ratio in Fibonacci number scalar spiral field patterning... Image: Marshal Lefferts: Cosmometry

Easy Way To Understand Dimensions And How The Universe Started To Exist

A jelly bean universe? Like the jelly beans in this jar, the Universe is mostly dark: 96 percent consists of dark energy (about 70%) and dark matter (about 26%). Only about four percent (the same proportion as the lightly colored jelly beans) of the Universe- including the stars, planets and us- is made of familiar atomic matter.

See one’s existence in the context of a universe unified not just in its physical state but also in time. Time is not just a linear condition of loss and gain, but a summative experience that unifies all into a singular moment of “here, now, and forever.” www.wakingtimes.c...

The picture of an expanding universe implies that something cataclysmic must have occurred in the past. If we reverse the expansion of the universe and trace it backward in time, we appear to encounter a ‘beginning,’ at which everything hits everything else: all the mass in the universe is compressed into a state of infinite density. This state is known as the ‘initial singularity. ~~ John D. Barrow