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  • Fi Star-Stone

    funny toddler quotes | Funny kids quotes

  • TammyMaree

    A hahaha!! Yes little one is quite the artist, she has drawn on all the walls through the house in the past, luckily it came off. As for the bit about shaving the dog.....I hope that she never feels inclined to do that, lol. Kids are funny things, this is a very appropriate e-card. ;)

  • PJ Malone

    #funny quote: This makes me laugh

  • Itzy Ritzy

    Very funny - great humor for moms :) | Pinned by Itzy Ritzy | #itzyritzy #ecard #funny #humor #moms #parenting #motherhood

  • Engravable Creations

    Go to that place...the happy place... #kids #humor #LOL

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story of my life! My 6 yr old daughter even says "you know you can never just get one thing and leave at Target!"

Jack quote, Will and Grace, I don't want to be an adult anymore. This is how I feel sometimes.

Purely for the picture frame over the peephole. Forgot about this and doing it this wknd!

Exactly what my boyfriend does but not 3 hours later more like 1 1/2 LOL

True. Because watching Doctor Who repeats all day beats nature, beats least with face-to-face interaction because I socialize here EVERYDAY now and cannot stop! ;]

how to clean a house. What is sad.... I actually do this, a lot. Rule of thumb: Don't open doors at my house. :)

Hell hath not fury like your kid catching you throwing away ANYTHING, EVER. I smuggle out broken crayons like a Mexican drug lord.

Story of my life right now, lol. Still wouldn't change a thing though, love being a mom.

Yeah, I didn't know what "time out" was. If I got spanked for something, I sure never did it again!

Fun bachelorette party shirts for the next day-we all know we'll be looking a hot mess

This kid is going places… Not art school, but places.