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Charolette, Sean, Amelia, and Willow are a very different kind of family. Willow was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which is a disease where the bones in her body were extremely brittle and broke all the time.

Test Makers R Us--- Higher Level Thinking in Test Prep  Have the students "get into the head of The Test makers and how they write *tricky* test questions and answers because it's their job. I kept saying to the kids, "think like a test maker would NOT like a 5th grader."

My Life as a Third Grade Teacher: Test Makers R Us--- Higher Level Thinking in Test Prep

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Today we made a "Gimme summary togetherI had given them handouts similar to the chart paper pictured, and they recorded the details on the hand while I was reading. When I was done the chapter, groups created a Gimme 5 summary on chart paper.

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Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher: Charts and Posters Everywhere! - When a Teacher Asks You to Summarize.

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Writing a summary. We could use this at the end of the lesson to show our students what a good summary is. They could then write a summary of what we learned and we could use this as an assessment. This also goes great with our English TEK.