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Never heard of such a thing

'Someone was telling me they make ice cubes out of left over wine. I was confused. What's left over wine?

Funny thing, my "alarm clock" is 60 lbs and furry...whore, lol!

Funny pictures about I'm in love with my bed. Oh, and cool pics about I'm in love with my bed. Also, I'm in love with my bed photos.

Sympathetic pat.

Some people just need a sympathetic pat.on the head.with a hammer

A few more:  A few beers short of a six pack  -One peanut short of a snickers  -A few fries short of a Happy Meal  -Useful as an ashtray on a motorbike - Not the sharpest pencil in the case  -Some drink from the fountain of knowledge, he just gargled.  -The lights are one but nobody's home.  -A few coffee beans short of a cappuccino.

Funny Quote - Have you ever just looked at someone and knew the wheel was turning but the hamster was dead

so true....

Dear karma I have a list of people you missed. And you will definitely get your karma for all the things you have done and said. And your karma is gonna be twice as bad!

Gowing up: No way #food

25 Ways to Tell You're a Grown Up. Wow, I feel old. 25 Ways to Tell You're a Grown Up. Wow, I feel old. 25 Ways to Tell You're a Grown Up. Wow, I feel old.


"I dream of a better world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned" This and many other fun wooden box signs are available at Wishful Living.


It is quotes like this who have my husband double guessing what I really mean, When I say "What?" I mean "What?" Maybe I'm not wired like most women, but I mean what I say and I say what I mean, the first time.

Some people you know were dropped on their heads as babies...some were clearly thrown in the air, hit the ceiling, bounced off the wall and fell out the window.

some people you know were dropped on their head as babies. some were clearly throw in the air, hit the ceiling ran, bounced off the wall and fell out the window

Boy, That Escalated Quickly : theCHIVE

Boy, that escalated quickly (54 Photos)

A study has revealed that the kind of face a woman finds attractive on a man can differ depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle. (Be sure to read it all!

Wow, this person needs to get a life!

"I don't have to get all dressed up like I'm going to Wal-Mart or something. "People Of Wal-Mart"?I'm not sure I could handle "People Of Dollar Palace"!

Although it's questionable if I ever shut up now!.

so I have an american accent and I never shut up, but I'd talk even more with a british. I'd never stop if I had an Irish accent.


Sweet & Spicy Chili with Cornbread Topping

Happens all the time! Ain't that the truth!

LOL sayings! Quote, funny, haha: 'You made me laugh so hard - Tears ran down my leg'

I'd be such an awesome mega rich person, I just know it! haha

How To Play Slots

Dear Lord, all I ask is a chance to prove that winning the lottery won't make me a bad person. I've been making that deal for years.