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Plant These Herbs & Veggies to Attract Beneficial Insects to Your Urban Garden (Especially for ladybugs: Coriander / Cilantro, Dandelion, Dill, Fennel and Marigolds)

How to attract ladybugs to your garden

Attracting Ladybugs to your garden

A guide to attracting ladybugs to your garden! When I was in elementary school, one of my teachers once gave me a box of ladybugs to take home to my mom for our roses.

How to grow a delightful and dedicated humingbird garden. Attracting hummers, ways to gain their trust, experience the wonder of hand-feeding, feeders and nectar guidelines, fruits and flowers they can't resist, and ways to appeal to their playful and curious personalties.

Here's what to do with those watermelon scraps! Hummingbirds and butterflies enjoy watermelon. (We went to a butterfly garden this summer, and butterflies sure do love watermelon!

Plants that are attracting beneficial insects.  I need to learn about beneficial insects, think I've destroyed quite a bit of good ones so far... :(

Plants That Attract Beneficial Insects - pic, plus list of plants to attract the beneficial bugs. But the PDF link up top has more bug pics, and pics of the plants that attract them - it's a lot nicer

GOOD BUG: The Lacewig. Lacewigs eat aphids, moth eggs, scales, small caterpillars, and mites.

Common lacewings feed on mites, aphids and other garden pests so they have become a popular means of biological pest control.

Be a Gardener App By MATTHEW KASSEL    We usually go to gardens to unplug. But it turns out your mobile gadget can make a pretty good partner out there. Before you even set foot in the yard, an app can help you figure out what to plant. Landscaper's Companion, Grow Your Own and GardenID offer reference guides with sowing suggestions, lists of plants native to your area and information about growth rates, bloom times and sun and water needs, among other things.

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Bad Bugs in the Garden by Justin Davidson iPhone Ap: Identify and control all of those pests! via popularmechanics _the_Garden iPhone_Ap

Here is a list of those good bugs and the plants that they like to visit for shelter and as another source of food for their diet, the sugar from flowers.

Nature wants to make your job as a gardener as easy as possible; We've talked about putting in plants that attract in.