How to store fruits and veggies with out plastic!! Things I never knew.

To keep strawberries fresh longer in the refrigerator, use 1 Part White Vinegar to 10 Parts Water.  Soak the strawberries, leaves and all in the vinegar/water mixture for a few minutes.  Drain in a colander until they are completely dry. Place in an uncovered bowl in the refrigerator.  The vinegar/water mixture kills any mold spores on the strawberries and keeps them fresh longer.  The vinegar does not affect the taste.  Also works for blueberries, raspberries, blackberries...

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I was at the grocery store yesterday wishing I had pinned this when I originally saw it.

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Freeze tablespoons of leftover Tomato Paste. Once frozen solid, transfer to a plastic bag and return to freezer. Pre-measured and ready for future recipes.

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Use boiling water instead of tap water to make clear ice. Great for putting fruit, herbs, flowers or surprises in. Who knew?