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The infamous mushroom cloud, an after effect of an atomic explosion over land… This was the first time the atom bomb was used in warfare. The bomb over Hiroshima more or less put an end to the Second World War. Here, the mushroom cloud as seen over Hiroshima Aug 6, 1945. The image is remembered even today, as a terrifying beauty that the world never wants to see again.

An atomic bomb is triggered by tnt, which launches a neutron from an unstable isotope into a heavy element splitting it into two daughter atoms, in a fission reaction.

Copa Girl Linda Lawson as “Miss-Cue” wearing an A-Bomb crown to illustrate another misfiring of the Operation Cue Bomb on May 1, 1955. She is surrounded by servicemen. Photo Credit: University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries

Atomipommin tuhoa Hiroshimassa. Minua kiinnostaisi nähdä juuri tällaisia raunioita, vaikkei niiden historia olekaan mukava.

now you and your child can build a small nuclear reactor to power your home...or at least the the safety of your home!

Yes, thank God for the Atomic Bomb. God loves us and favors America so much he gave U.S. the bomb first to combat the evils of Communism & Facism. So next time you are in a house of worship look for the bomb shelter and gives a thumbs' up to the Man Upstairs.

Atom bomb test, 1950s. Many of the soldiers and scientists later got cancer as a result of radiation exposure.

I remember drop drills in school. I would have loved these patches as a kid. Wish I had them now.

Early Cold War Scare Movies were just that -- scary. Some were silly, but when I was a kid, these were scarier than any monsters ever were.

Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome, Japan : the skeletal domed building in Hiroshima which still stands to commemorate the dropping of the atom bomb.