To stay encouraged and in the right mindset!

EVERY teacher needs to watch this 3 minute video. YOU make a difference! This is how every faculty meeting should start!!!! Every teacher should listen to this!!! : ) This made me cry!

A Teacher's Prayer - LOVE this, it made me cry!

20 Job Alternatives for Teachers

teacher look...can't help it!!

for any fellow Christian teachers out there....This should definitely affect our classroom management | Teach 4 the Heart

SO TRUE real teachers

Beginning of the year

100+ Stores That Give a Teacher Discount

how to create a teacher binder

Free web-based program to send updates to parents and students via text message. They subscribe online and you don't ever have to know their phone numbers and they never have to know yours. Great way to keep kids updated.

5 Apps for Connecting With Parents Fast Follow By Twitter Set up a Twitter account and have parents and students follow what is going on in your classroom.

This teacher-friendly guide will help you build a Twitter audience for your blog.

The Ten Students You'll Meet in Your Classroom: Classroom Management Tips for Middle and High School Teachers by Vickie Gill

Great prayer for teachers

Corkboard Connections: What Every New Teacher Needs to Know - 50 Terrific Tips for Surviving Your First Year!

Peace, Love and Learning: "Give Me Five" Freebie

Teacher's Prayer | Holly Monroe Calligraphy – Holly Monroe and Clifford Mansley : Heirloom Artists