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The Lion King Rocks!

I love "Keep Calm & Carry On. Keep Calm and Shave Poodles. Keep Calm and Drink Schmidt. Keep Calm and Collect Beanie Babies.

i wish this was true for me, but i will make this true for my daughters.  i want them to know i will be there for them for anything.  all the time.  everytime.

Keep calm and call mom! :) A mother is never wrong! I love my mommy!

life events via song

life events via song

Too cute, pair of Disney inspired soul mate shirts! I really want to buy this for me and my roomie.

sweater miney mouse white black mickey mouse shirt couple minnie mouse swag relationships disney t-shirt soulmate soulmates cute baseball shirt mouse bow soul mate red best two pair matching shirts matching couples cardigan

but mostly be mysterious as the dark side of the moon

Your ideal man. I love Mulan.the movie has some great ideas :) But this is so true!

Take a deeper look

What we see often is only a fraction of what really is. The iceberg metaphor is so important to remember when meeting people.