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Elas cantam e nos levam para o mar: O significado da tatuagem de Sereia

I am more than positive these are leggings and not tattoos. But I still think it would be an awesome tattoo.

Sexy Thigh Tattoos

The most amazing and beautiful whoever said this was a tattoo. Tattoos don't wrinkle and crease at your crotch

Woman and wolf

Moon maiden possible leg tattoo? I think I'll add this to my list!

Art Deco, Art Nouveau jewelry -

Masriera Y Carreras Art Nouveau Pendant with Plique-à-jour Enamel, Sapphires and Diamonds- i'd have the fairy silver instead of gold.

David Bowie                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

gloriajareth: “wingedbelievereagle: “the-thinwhiteduchess: “mayu-zoe: “ Bowie “LOW” mucha-style?

Tattoo by Lars “Lu’s Lips” Uwe. Loving the cat head

Tattoo by Lars “Lu’s Lips” Uwe. Beautiful colors and details. Cat & Dragonfly I really like the style but not the subject matter.