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Ernestine Shepard

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Ernestine Shepherd. Fitness instructor. Age 72. Up to 56 she was a well-padded secretary who had never worked out in her life. It's never too late! NEVER TOO LATE!

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If I had time, I'd make a little more progress.....

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ernestine_shepherd age 73


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Fit [ ] #fitness #bikini #elegance #body #fit #fitgirl #fitspiration #motivation #abs #fitness


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Just the right amount of muscle.

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Need a little motivation? (27 photos)

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Some fitness motivation for the day!



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Believe #Fitness #Inspiration #Motivation #Fit


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So true wished it long enough

Tamika Webber

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62 Fitness And Diet Rules For A Lean, Stellar Physique. One of my favorite articles yet -- In my mind every single one of these rules is ESSENTIAL. If you can kick in all 62, cheers to you -- you'll be lean, mean, and rocking a stellar body in no time.

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86-year-old female bodybuilder.

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Learn To Love Your Body Again! #fitness #motivation